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Life's a Journey

Live to Make Memories



hope this blog inspires you to take time to self-reflect on your own journey.  To encourage you to tell your story, if you so choose.  Every journey is unique with unexpected twists and turns.  Embrace them.  The unexpected is what makes life exciting and worth living.  It’s a path to self-discovery, a path to ‘you’.  I hope this blog reminds you to discover the beauty that surrounds you.  Don’t take for granted this wonderful world that we are blessed and privileged to be a part of.  Go out into nature, take a moment to just close your eyes, open your senses and take in all that is around you.  Mother nature is magical in more ways than we will ever comprehend.  Use its ambiance to create that inner sense of calm.  Channel that feeling and take time to just ‘be’.  Your mind, body and soul will thank you.

I also hope this blog also inspires you to follow your dreams, to find your passion, to live in the now, to take risks, to take a leap of faith.  Remember, it's never too late.  Don’t make excuses.  You are strong, you are bold, you are resilient.  You CAN do it!  Surround yourself with people that support you and challenge you to do better, to be better.  Find what makes you feel fulfilled, your purpose.  Most importantly, remember that we are very fortunate and be grateful for all that you have.  Remain humble, have compassion and spread kindness and love.


Travel Map

It's A Great Big World Out There! Never Stop Exploring. 


Updated Regularly 


My Intercontinental Travel Bucket List

This is the one and only list in life that can and should continuously grow.  As long as there are more check marks than before, you're doing great!

You have your entire life to explore the world, but why wait?  It's like anything in life, the longer you put it off, the harder it is to start.  Don't have regrets.  Remove those faux obstacles that you've created in your mind that block your path. Instead, follow it.  Explore it.  Create new moments and memories on your life's journey.  There are no guarantees.  Live for today!  

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