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You wouldn't be reading this today, if it wasn't for the people in my life who have guided me and inspired me to take this leap of faith.  You all have told me that I need to document my travels or keep a diary.  Asking when 'The Adventure's of Astrid' is going to become a children's book.  One thing at a time... ha.  For a while, I was like 'yeah, I know... I need to...,' but avoided the topic of a journal, figuring pictures are enough.  I remember thinking, 'I'm not a diary kind of a person'. 

This must have been on my subconscious mind for quite a while, because I kept dreaming about creating a blog.  I guess this is technically the new generation of diaries?  But in my dream, this blog was more than just a travel blog... it was also a 'life' blog.  A blog where I can tell my story, my journey and truly self-reflect.  A place where I can put it all out there all...  my highs, my lows, my goals, my aspirations, my passions, my fears, my life lessons and so much more.  A place where telling my story can hopefully inspire others to do the same.  Does it need to be completely out in the open like this?  Definitely not.  Honestly, I am not a public person at all.  I really don't like to put anything out there, so this feels like my heart is on display.  This is something very uncharacteristic of me.  But you know what, who cares?  Love it or hate it.  That's your opinion.  It's all good! This blog is for me. 

I know this process has taken a long time, much longer than expected... believe me.  It might have gotten much more robust than I even imagined.  But I'm happy to finally release it to the world!  As our adventures continue, more guides will come.  Expect updates!  This is probably quite a surprise to many of you.  Take no offence, only a few people knew it was in the works. 

I want to give a shout out to Grandma Ann.  As we continue to follow in your footsteps, I wrote the travel portion of this blog  for you.  Both you and my own grandmother, were ahead of your times.  World travelers before it was common.  Thank you for being our biggest cheerleader and inspiring our journeys.  We love you!  I know you are getting all tech savvy, but you would have probably still preferred a diary haha. 

And again, thank you to everyone who has challenged me to do better, to be better.  You have all been a part of my journey.

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