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There is so much to love about Bermuda.  It is just a peaceful, happy place where the sun is almost always shining and the weather is perfect.  Right off the coast of North Carolina, the small island of Bermuda is super easy and affordable to get to.  We actually have some close friends who live on island, so we have seen it both from a tourist and a local's perspective.

Bermuda is home to some of the most gorgeous public and private beaches.  Some of the beaches, such as  Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay, are known worldwide for their hues of pink sand that comes from the coral below the sea.  The warm crystal blue waters are impossible to not enjoy.

There are a few small towns along the island, with one being really the main hub of Bermuda.  These areas house a lot of the restaurants, bars, shops and artisans of the island.  They are quaint and absolutely perfect in everyway.  Bermuda is also known for its immaculate golf courses.  Many have prime views of the open ocean.  I am not a golfer myself, but they look fantastic!  Many many years ago, Bermuda housed some of the British Navy.  The large harbor and its original fort, still remain today.  The harbor now holds massive yachts and is where the cruise ships anchor. 

As amazing as Bermuda is, it is a very expensive.  Hotels, food and drinking will not be cheap.  It's an island!  Everything either is imported or produced right there.  Expect to spend a good bit of money on this trip.  You can manage your money a little more wisely, by not going out to eat every night.  Grab some food and drinks from the grocery store and relax at the park or on the beach at night.


When it comes to meals, seafood dishes are very prominent.  Makes perfect sense right?  Having freshly caught fish, right off the boat, is absolutely delicious.  Most are served with some potato variation and veggies.  Fresh tropical fruits are also very good here.  What is also super cool, is that Gosling rum originated in Bermuda almost 200 years ago.  The Gosling family still lives in Bermuda and continues to run the business to this day. 

Almost everywhere you go in Bermuda accepts credit card.  Just make sure you let you bank know you are traveling.  They also accept cash in USD, woohoo!  No need to go to your bank for a currency exchange.  As always, you should carry some cash just incase. 

Getting around Bermuda can be a little crazy at times.  First, driving is on the other side of the road takes a little bit to get used to.  Also, the roads are very tight and windy.  Most cars that you see are small and compact for this very reason.  Sometimes, I honestly questioned if two cars could actually fit on some bends.  Mopeds are a very common means of transportation. They are much cheaper and easier to maneuver around.  You just have to be a little bold if you are the driver.  If you do not intend to stay put at your hotel, you will have to rent either a moped or a car.  That or you can use public transportation to get around.  Taxis are also available on island.  They do not have Uber, but their taxis do have an app that you can download.  

Must Dos



With more beach options than you could ever need, why see just one?  Rent a moped and do a little beach hop! You have to check out all that the island has to offer.  Yes, you have to see pink sand of Elbow Beach or Horseshoe Bay.  It is truly very pretty.  These beaches are tourist meccas and get very very crowded as the day goes on.  Make sure to get there first thing.  Once you get your fill, move on to the next.  Some of the more local beaches are actually much more tranquil and just as beautiful.  One of my favorite chill beaches is Jobson's Cove Beach.

Front Street_edited.jpg


Hamilton is really the hot spot of Bermuda.  This small but cheery colored town has a lot of boutique shopping, fantastic restaurants as well as a fun nightlife.  There is also a good bit of history that you can immerse yourself in, if that's your thing.  Wonder around all the side streets and just take in the good vibes.  You never know what you may stumble upon.  Vibrant street art is very common here and super cool! You'll hear people talk about Front Street.  Front Street is the main drag right next to the harbor that has most of the bars.



The Dockyard is a cool area where history meets the new age.  Some of the old fort has been covered into shops and restaurants, but it still has the old school architecture.  It is a lively area with lots of different things to do depending on your preferences.  Many local artisans have shops here and you will come across small markets.  You can also visit the National Museum if you are interested.  This area can get busy with all the cruise ship passengers boarding and un-boarding.



Depending on where you are on the island, you can see both the sunrise and the sunset.  Sunsets anywhere tropical are simply the best.  Make sure you relax a moment and just take in its beauty.  Sit off and enjoy!



As you are exploring the island on your moped or rental car, make sure to stop by the lighthouse.  This lighthouse is 175 years old and has quite a lot of history.  You are able to climb all the way up to the top and have unobstructed views of the island.  There is also a little café outside to sit off and relax while taking it all in.

St Georges_edited.jpg


St. George's is actually where the the English originally landed in Bermuda.  This town is definitely the most historic area you will find on the island.  There are many different landmarks with historical plaques that you can read.  You will also see different re-enactments on the street, which is a pleasant surprise.

swizzle inn_edited.jpg


Having a Rum Swizzle is a right of passage when visiting Bermuda.  It is a sweet rum drink that is pretty strong and can easily put you on your bum.  It originated at The Swizzle Inn, which is the oldest bar on the island.  You have to experience both.  If the sweetness isn't your thing, a Dark N' Stormy is a great alternative and it still uses the traditional Gosling Rum.  



Most water activities that you may be interested in, exist on island.  You can rent paddle boards and kayaks and cruise around some coves.  If you have a big group or want to join a tour, taking a boat out is a lot of fun.  You can pop into hidden nooks and enjoy a refreshing swim.  You'll also see some jet skis around.  Be careful going too close to shore.  There are many jagged rocks that appear as the tides change.



I honestly didn't know this existed until the last time we visited Bermuda.  There are underground caverns with many different rock formations and insanely clear blue pools of water.  The picture is terrible, I know.  You can also take a swim in the frigid waters.  If you are interested in going deeper into the caves, there is a guided tour you can do.  It is a nice little side trip to break up your day.  Outside the caverns are small beaches with cafes.  

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