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Find Your Passion. Find 'You'.

Your journey is truly a road to self discovery.  Who ‘you’ are today isn’t who ‘you’ were in the past and who ‘you’ will become in the future.  Take a moment to slow down, pause, and make sure you have time for ‘you’.  Do you know who ‘you’ are?  What is your passion, your reason for being?  What is your intrinsic drive, your motivation?  Have you had that realization that you've lost yourself?  Have you done some soul searching and recently found yourself?  Each journey is different.  We are all on a unique path, on different plains, on new trajectories.  That's a good thing!  Settle your thoughts, your questions, your concerns, and rediscover ‘you’.  Everyone feels 'lost' at different times in life.  And that's okay!  Take the moment to accept that fact. You are not the only one.  Now, how are we going to overcome that feeling?  How can you rediscover yourself? 


Again, everyone is different.  Every journey is different.  Personally, the Yoga practice has been a way for me to reconnect mind, body and soul.  A technique to allow myself to find that inner peace, to allow that self discovery to happen.  Believe me, ‘past’ me would have been shocked.  First, I had the attention span and maturity of a child.  I was also the girl who couldn't shut off her mind, to push the unnecessary thoughts out of her head.  To be in the now, in the present.  To let all that stuff go.  But like I said, we learn and grow everyday.  Today, this is my method.  Meditation is also an avenue to reset, refocus, reinvigorate. 


Find whatever works for you!  But take the time and do it.  Don’t let life get in the way of ‘you’.  It's not worth it.  Self reflect.  Do you not like what you see?  Guess what, you can change it.  No one else can get in the way of ‘you’ except for you.  Remove the roadblock, the fear, the uncertainty and rediscover ‘you’.

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