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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

Maybe it's a generational thing that has been passed down over the years?  I don’t know.  But why is the first question after you get married, "when are you going to have kids"?  First of all, it's none of your GDB.  And that's the truth.  Please please please, stop asking that question.  Maybe you aren’t ready to try.  That’s okay!  It’s great that you have that self understanding that it’s not time yet.  One day maybe it will be,  or maybe it won't.  Maybe you don’t want to have kids at all.  That's your choice and that’s okay!  Don’t let the stigma of life progression put you on a path that you don’t wish to follow.  Maybe you can’t have kids, but want them.  For those couples, my heart reaches out to you.  Unfortunately, you never know what hand you are going to be dealt in life.  Maybe you and your partner have been trying and trying without success.  You aren’t alone, remember that.  You have support all around you, if you want it.  Don’t give up, things happen in mysterious ways.  Maybe you’ve suffered a loss of a child.  That is something unimaginable for me and I could never understand what you are going through.  I can only hope and pray that you and your partner can support each other during one of the hardest times of your lives. 


But that’s the point people!  You don’t know what others are going through.  You don’t know what is going on in someone's life behind closed doors.  And again, it’s none of your business.  If someone wants to share their story with you, that’s their choice.  If they don't, that's their lives they don't want out on display.  It's their choice!  It’s not your right to be nosey.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Would you want someone prying into your personal life?  No.  Sorry, this is really a big pet peeve for me.  As someone who has been privy to all these situations in one way or another, it’s a topic close to heart.  Something I hope ceases to become a casual topic of conversation. Unless, again, that person chooses to bring that topic of conversation up on their own accord.

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