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Social Media Façade

Don't get me wrong, I like social media as much as the next person.  But what you see isn’t reality.  Photos are doctored and edited.  Angles, lighting and filters are everything.  No one posts the one and only selfie they took.  We all take multiple to get the perfect angle, pose and smile... you know it's true.  Most posts are portraying your best days or what you want the world to see, as if your life is on show.  Deep down you're hoping for ‘likes’ or comments.  Don't lie to yourself and say that you don't, we all do it. 

Stop comparing yourself to what you see online.  Be content just the way you are.  Don’t feel like you have to ‘Keep up with the Jones’s'.  Post what makes you happy, only if you want to.  Babies and puppies are always welcomed : ).  But seriously, don’t feel obligated to post at all!  You don't need to put your life on display.  "What if _______ sees that I didn't like their post?  Let’s be honest, who the hell cares?  It’s silly.  There are bigger things in life than being wrapped up in someone else’s ‘picture perfect life’ or how you are portrayed online.  No one’s life is perfect, remember that.  Love yourself and let go of the desire to be accepted or ‘liked’.  The only validation that you truly need, is your own.

Honestly, social media is an addiction.  How many of us check our feeds at least 3 times a day?  I'd say probably the majority do even more than that.  If you don't, damn, good for you!  If you really want to challenge yourself to focus solely on 'you' and not the façade that is taking up your time and energy and that external validation that you are secretly seeking, shut it off!  Try a week.  I bet the first few days would be a struggle, like a smoker trying to not to light that cigarette.  But afterwards, it'll be a real reset.  I will be stepping up to this challenge soon!

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