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As you all know, I have had the privilege of spending the past 10 months in this incredible country.  It truly has been an adventure of a lifetime, with so much more to come.  Switzerland is actually a teeny tiny country, but packs a HUGE punch.  It is only the size of New Hampshire and Vermont combined.  Crazy.  But it's like you are living in a permanent postcard with breathtaking beauty everywhere you look.  

The Swiss Alps are a sight to behold.  They are so dynamic and vast with some peeks containing snow year round.  It is also incredible that, on a clear day, they are visible from all over Switzerland.  Pictures do not do their massive size and beauty justice!  Switzerland is not only known for its mountains, but also its gorgeous turquoise freshwater lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls.  The freshwater is very clean and clear.  With that being the case, Switzerland has water fountains everywhere that are not just for ascetics, but actually for drinking.  It blew my mind when we finally figured that out ha.  Just grab a sip or fill up your water bottle and go!  It's ice cold and so very refreshing.  Also, it's a way to save some money instead of paying for a bottle of water. 

The infrastructure in Switzerland is brilliant.  Every means of transportation has been thoroughly planned and executed.  From walking and biking paths throughout the entire city as well as surrounding towns, to buses, trams and trains that will take you anywhere you want to go.  You really do not need to own a car to live comfortably in Switzerland.  Remember, you can get most places within an hour to three max!  If you want to rent a car to explore around, pay attention to the rules.  The Swiss are very law abiding and don't mess around.  Driving is pretty much the same as home, just make sure you get the automatic.  Be careful with the speed limits in Switzerland.  There is NO buffer.  There are speed cameras everywhere and you will get a ticket going only 1-2 km over the limit.  Also, as soon as you get off the highway, roads will be tight and windy.

Switzerland is truly an adventurist's paradise!  Outdoor activities are never ending, with new things to see and do daily.  Hiking, biking, rock climbing, rafting, boating, wakeboarding, hot air balloons, zip lining, canyoning, paragliding, sky diving, bungee jumping and so much more.  One must also not forget, Switzerland has some of the best skiing in the world!

Hiking here is unreal.  Amazing trails with diverse difficulty levels.  There is truly something for everyone, young or old.  Not only are the hikes clearly marked with time estimations, but they all have incredible views the entire time.  It's not like at home where you walk for miles only to hit a lookout point and then head back.  Here, it's an event!  Everywhere you look is something absolutely gorgeous with unique landscape around every bend.  Lush greenery, rolling hills and valleys, all with beautiful wildflowers that line the paths.  Not only is the hiking itself great, but another perk is the little local restaurant or two along the trails.  If you don't want to pack a lunch or snacks, pop in!  Most of these restaurants have lunch, drinks, ice cream etc.  It's like a little pitstop to relax and refuel.  These locations also always have great views with outdoor patios.  Some of the more major hikes have gondolas or cog wheel trains that take you up some of the mountain.  This way you start and end at the best parts.  You can get to many of these incredible hikes by train (within an hour), which is awesomeeee.  Those that are a little further away, just stay overnight in a village and enjoy the ambiance.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm going to miss hiking the most when we head home.

Skiing is on a whole other level in Switzerland.  It's a lifestyle.  Not only are the slopes incredible, but the views are second to none.  Fresh powder is a constant, with runs for all skillsets.  There are restaurants and bars throughout the mountain trails and at most of the peaks.  Not just a lodge at the bottom like on the East Coast.  You can literally do half a run, stop off for a drink, and then keep going.  It's great!  I cannot wait until this year, to truly experience Après Skiing.  During COVID, the slopes were open even when the rest of the country was on lockdown.  So Swiss.  I highly enjoyed this past year, I can only imagine the real deal.  Also, ski villages are literally magical.  You can stay within the villages, which are full of shops, cafes, bakeries, restaurants and bars.  Hotels are available or if you're with a group, you can rent a chalet.  Ski villages also are literally everywhere, near and far!  There are the very well known ones like Zermatt, St. Moritz, Verbier, Davos, Grindelwald etc. as well as many more localish mountains that are just as good as the big boys, but less crowded.  Some of the mountains also have runs that cross the boarder into Italy.  How cool!  You can ski both countries in a day.  But, regardless of where you go, you won't be disappointed!  Also, skiing in Switzerland is relatively cheap.  It costs less to ski in Switzerland than most of the mountains in the US.


Not a skier?  That's totally fine!  There are other winter activities that are just as fun.  Sledging (aka sledding) is a freaking blast.  I did it by myself, while Steve did the hard core ski stuff, and I had the time of my life.  It's not like at home that you go up and down a little hill.  Sledging in Switzerland is pretty much full trail runs of tight, steep turns that sometimes you question if you should bail out or not.  So much fun!  You can rent the sleds in the village for pretty cheap.  It is a great group/family/individual activity!  Also, there are tons of hiking and snowshoeing trails throughout the mountains.  It is really enjoyable to just throw on your snow pants and boots and trek around.  A lot of the prime locations also have ice skating too.  If snow isn't your thing at all, just spend time in town.  There are usually spas for pampering, great dining and heated outdoor/indoor bars.  It can be both relaxing and wild depending on what vibe you are going for.  Another super Swiss/German thing is the Gluhwein.  It is hot red wine that is  mulled (spiced) and soaked in fruits.  It's like the boozy version of hot apple cider, minus the cider.  Seriously so good on a cold day.

Switzerland has its own currency known as the Swiss Franc (CHF).  You will have to special request from your bank or do a currency exchange for a fee.  You honestly won't need too much cash when you come.  Most places take card.  Make sure you do know your credit and debit PINs though.  Their system here always asks for it, even for credit.  I would recommend to have/use cash for small villages and shops as well as any for any street vendors.

The Swiss love their cheese.  I thought I loved cheese, but boy was I wrong.  Contrary to what all American's think, Swiss Cheese (the cheese with holes in it and that specific taste) really isn't a thing here haha.  Do they have it?  Yes, but it's honestly kind of rare to find.  It really is funny that we call it 'Swiss Cheese' on all of our menus at home, but the Swiss are like, "what is that?".  There are so many other amazing fresh cheeses that exist here.  A lot of the cheese you find is locally produced from all types of animals and it really is delicious.  Half the time I have no idea what I am buying, but it looks good so I give it a shot.  All super good.

The Swiss also eat tons of sausage varieties.  To the point that you can go up to a food stand, order a sausage, and literally get a sausage wrapped in wax paper to bite into.  No bun, just a sausage.  And meat sticks.  Pretty much they are giant fresh Slim Jim's that are great for hiking.  French fries are also very common as sides with everything.  My favorite is probably all the fresh bread everywhere you turn.  It is delicious.  Anything from pastries to loafs.  And obviously chocolate.  Yummmm.

If you are in one of the main cities or in main tourist location, you will be able to easily find any food you are looking for.  Switzerland is very international in many ways, food being one of them.  If you go hiking or stay in a more local area, Swiss foods will be most common on the menus.  During the fall and winter time, hot cheese dishes are a primary food group of their own.  You have to try Raclette!  It is pretty much an interactive group meal concept.  Grilled meats are on top and melted cheese below.  You drip the cheese from your paddle on top of potatoes other veggies and bread.  Fondue is also big here as well, but I like Raclette better.

Switzerland is kind of a melting pot of languages.  There really is a little bit of everything.  The primary language is German, which you will see in signage, menus and as the first means of communication.  There is also Swiss German, which is a dialect of German specific to Switzerland.  This is used frequently in villages and you'll hear it throughout the cities as well.  Due to boarding other countries,  French and Italian are also accepted languages in Switzerland.  Depending on where you go in the country, it will become more prominent.  Finally, there is English.  Most people in Zurich speak English as one of their many languages.  You will run into some people who do not however.  A lot of places in the city have English translations or you can ask for an English menu.  Also, Google Translate is soooo helpful.  Make sure you download!  Just learn the basics of German as you should wherever you go.  People appreciate that you try and will be much more willing to help.  There are also so many Expats in Switzerland, so you will hear every language as you explore around.

Lastly, the most important thing about Switzerland, it is the most dog friendly place I've ever been!  Astrid can literally go anywhere (except inside grocery stores) and do anything.  She can come with us to restaurants, both indoors and outdoors, which is fantastic.  She can go on any public transportation; trams, trains, busses etc.  Dogs can also ride on gondolas, ski/chair lifts and pretty much anywhere a human can go.  Most hotels allow dogs as well.  It is fantastic!  She loves it, and just goes with the flow.

Again, anyone who loves the outdoors, I would definitely suggest a visit to Switzerland.  However, it is extremely expensive.  One of the most expensive places in the world.  I knew that when we moved here, but didn't really comprehend entirely.  Across the board, you are going to be paying a lot more for things than you are accustom to.  Be forewarned.  Make a realistic budget for your trip.  And again, be strategic!  There are cheaper ways to do things.

I have millions of suggestions of what to do and see while spending your holiday in Switzerland.  I will try to consolidate as much as I can : ).  If you want additional details and ideas, just let me know!



I would suggest spending a few days in the heart of Zurich, our current home.  It is a very beautiful city that is immaculately clean.  Zurich holds both old city and new city vibes.  Old Town is filled with pretty architecture, churches, shops, restaurants, cafes and so much more.  Strolling around the cobblestone streets and exploring the hidden pathways can keep you entertained for hours.  Old Town is actually on both sides of the river.  You can tour the Grossmünster Church, which has the two twin towers and lovely views of the city.  Also, the Fraumünster with the iconic jade green steeple. 


Zurich is also home to the most expensive shopping district in all of Europe and one of the top in the world.  Anything you desire is on Bahnhofstrasse.  Don't worry, I can't afford it either haha.  But you have experience it none the less.  More of the normal shopping is on off-shoot streets right beside the main drag, that you can enjoy and actually afford.  Everyone working in shops or restaurants in Zurich speak English, so don't be shy.  Also next door are Rennweg, Augustinergasse and Niederdorf streets, which have the romantic architecture, beautiful colors and more shopping and restaurants.   


Zurich has tons of outdoor and indoor dining up and down its streets.  It's absolutely lovely to just sit off and grab a coffee or a cocktail.  Restaurants also line the Limmat River, which runs through the entire city and into Lake Zurich.  Lake Zurich itself is gorgeous as well.  It is a very clear lake that is home to many swans who patrol the shores.  The lake has walking paths on both sides with great parks to relax and enjoy.  Grab some drinks and snacks from the supermarket and have a little picnic along the lake.  It's amazing.  Also, if you happen to be in Zurich during the summer months, the lake kind of becomes a big social event.  Tons of sunbathers, swimmers and games.  There are also gelato carts, lake side dining and boating activities.

If you have a little more time in the city, there is a mountain called Uetliberg, which has views of the city and the lake.  There are trams that can take you all the way to the top, or you can choose to hike up from the starting point.  It really isn't a hard hike (can be done in running sneakers).  If you would like to make a full day out of Uetliberg, there are paths that follow the mountain peaks.  Also, at the top, there are both casual and finer dining restaurants.  More restaurants are along the trails as well.

Must Dos Outside of the Cities



Switzerland has an abundance of super pretty villages all over.  You can always see the big cities as well, but the small villages give the 'Swiss' feel.  Do yourself a favor and follow visit.switzerland or any other Switzerland tourism page on Instagram and you will be blown away.  Each of these villages is absolutely gorgeous in their own ways.  Wander around and enjoy!  Most also have great outdoor activities to experience in the vicinity.  You can go from mountain areas with waterfalls, to valleys with rolling hills, to tropical vibes all in one.  We still have many to see, but so far, here are my favorites:

  • Jungfrau Region​​

    • Lauterbrunnen​ and Grindelwald

  • Interlaken

  • Lucerne

  • Locarno and Ascona 



As I said, hiking is truly unbelievable. Seeing mountain peeks still covered in snow come fall, is insane.  Every trail I've been on has been great in its own way.  Below are a few hikes and areas I've enjoyed so far.  Some of these hikes are more advance and lengthy than others.  Quite a few are also day trips from Zurich, while others you should stay in the neighboring village.  Make sure you do your research, wear your hiking boots and bring some water.

  • Grindelwald

    • First-Bachalpsee-Hiendertellti-Gross Scheidegg No 5​

  • Stoos Ridge Hike Panorama Trail

  • Flumserberg

  • Pilatus Luzern

  • Mount Rigi Panorama Trail

  • Seealpsee

  • Caumasee



Because why nottttt.

  • Zermatt

    • Fun town, but also has a posh feeling.  The views of the Matterhorn are just incredible.  Skiing was great but "not really that difficult." (Steve).  Lots of snow trekking trails as well.​

  • Grindelwald

    • Chill ski village with really good skiing.  I thought it was pretty difficult.  Loved the sledding!! Also, great trekking all around.

  • Verbier

    • I really enjoyed skiing here.  I did not get into town though, but it looked cool. ​

  • Flumserberg

    • Great for day trip skiing.  Can take a train from Zurich straight to the gondola that goes up the mountain.​



Real Swiss restaurants have a truly homey vibe about them.  The ambiance feels like you are in someone's living room/dining room with everyone enjoying freshly prepared meals and each other's company.  Try some of the local dishes.  Most ingredients come from farmers within their village; meats, cheeses, veggies, breads etc.  Meals may be a little hearty, but they are good.  Again, if you come in the fall or winter, melted cheese dishes are a must try!

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If you've always wanted to try something new and exciting to get the adrenaline pumping, you've come to the right place!  Not only do you get to cross some things off your bucket list, but you get to do it with fantastic views.  For those thrill seekers, Interlaken is the place to go.  It is a cute little town in the heart of the alps with tons to do near by as well.  Literally, any crazy thing you want to do can be found here.



There are so many water related activities in Switzerland.  Lake life is really a lifestyle here.  Everyone packs a picnic or plans a BBQ and heads to hangout by the lake.  Not only does Switzerland have the large lakes that are utilized for fishing, boating, water sports, swimming and prime relaxation, but it also has many small lakes that are nested within mountain peaks.  All bodies of water, including rivers, are extremely clear with hues of turquoise blues and emerald greens.  There are also tiny lakes that appear as the snow melts from the glaciers and surrounding mountains.  You will come across many as you hike.  It will be very cold, but it's worth a quick swim.

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