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There's A Great Big World Out There

As you’ve learned throughout reading my journey, I believe that traveling has changed my outlook on a lot of things in life.  Experiencing new things, new places and unique people, really makes you think differently on what is truly important in life.  Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something 'new' can be incredibly eye opening.  Do yourself a favor and pass on that all inclusive beach trip this year.  Go somewhere else, somewhere less expected, somewhere real.  Don’t get me wrong, all inclusive vacations are amazing, but they're not real.  They were created to fulfil that desire to be pampered.  It’s vacation, I get it!  You work hard, you should be spoiled with not a care in the world.  But, I swear, give it a try.  Go somewhere new, different, unexpected.  Immerse yourself in someone else's culture.  Explore, meet locals, eat at mom and pop restaurants, go on an adventure.  I promise you will go home still feeling relaxed, but also have a greater respect for others' way of life.  You will go home with that important reminder of how blessed we truly are.  You will have a new appreciation for what you have and remember that the materialistic things don't matter.  You have a roof over your head, food in your belly and family in your heart.  And maybe, just maybe, your outlook on life might be a little different than before.

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