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To Do Better, To Be Better

If you don’t get anything else out of this blog other than this, I’ll be happy.  The most important lesson I’ve learned in life, so far, is to surround yourself with people who challenge you to do better, to be better.  People who inspire you, support you, motivate you, challenge you.  People who celebrate your wins.  People who support you to take risks, knowing they will be there to pick you up if you fall.  People who understand your drive, your passion, your reason for being.  People who help you discover your 'best' self.  People who share in your hopes and dreams.  People who genuinely love and care for you as much as you do for them.  Authentic people.  People you truly want with you on your life’s journey.  Life is too short to linger in ingenuine friendships.  Fake friendships.  Friendships that are a one-way street.  Friendships that are only of convenience.  Surround yourself with people who appreciate you, and you them. 

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