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Vacation Savings Guide

Many of you probably are saying, “I’d love to travel, but it costs too much money.”  Going on vacation does cost money, but you can travel to some amazing places for a lot less than you think.  How?  I have listed a few money saving tips and tricks that I have learned throughout the years.  These allow you to still do all the things you have on your bucket list, while cutting out some unnecessary expenses.  You only live once!  Make memories, create experiences.  Decide what is a priority for you and you will make it happen.


Plan Your
Own Trip

Make your holiday your own.  Get invested in the planning process and save a pretty penny!

From the East coast to the West coast __

Follow Discount Flight and Hotel Sites

Sign up for emails.  These sites can give you great vacation ideas and offer some good deals.  Also, it helps guide your budgeting.

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Sign Up for Free Rewards Programs

Who doesn't like free things?  A free night at a hotel, enough miles for a free flight, elite member status.  The sky's the limit.

person putting magstripe card near black

No Annual or Foreign Transaction Fees Credit Card

Make your money work harder for you!  Cash Back and Rewards Points can go a long way.


Stock Up at the Local Bodega

Stock up and Save!  Buy your booze at the local convenience store.  Plan cost saving meal options.

A pile of Euro (EUR) banknotes that incl

Take Out Cash in the Local Currency

You never know when you will need it!  It is much easier to manage your spending with cash in hand, than with a swipe.

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Make a Budget.  Have Some Wiggle Room.

Make a realistic budget and try to stick to it.  But remember, you only live once.  Keep a rainy day Travel Fund in your back pocket so you don't miss out on an adventure.

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Carry On,
Don't Check Luggage


Saves time, money and avoids headaches.


Reallocation of Discretionary 

Don't allow finances to become an excuse.  If traveling is your passion, small changes to your spending habits can make your dreams a reality.

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